Emerging from the elite Los Angeles music scene;  Avant-Pop music artist, content creator and creative director I. Destiny has developed into a multifaceted artist with an entrancing soundscape and unfiltered creative vision.


I.Destiny displayed her talent at 8 years old when she began writing lyrics, singing in choirs, and excelling in music and dance lessons. By the time she was 12, she was singing and dancing backup for artists who were performing in some of L.A.’s most noted venues, including the BB King and the Hollywood Bowl. She also toured the country with Bob Hope’s USO tours, Univision H2O Tour and many others. 


As she matured into her teen years, I. Destiny aspired to become a more exclusive performing and recording artist, as well as a choreographer. She shared her journey online through her vlog, which gave her a new outlet to create art and grow her fan base.


As her popularity grew, I. Destiny became known for her charismatic vocal deliveries and dynamic epic arrangements. Her followers describe her music as innovative, yet intimate and familiar. Bjork, Gorillaz and Ella Fitzgerald are I. Destiny’s major musical influences; while Baz Luhrmann and Es Devlin serve as visual and conceptual inspirations. 


In 2018, I. Destiny released her first single, “Procession’s Gate”, which caused a sensation in the indie pop blog community. Responses ranged from absolute enthrall and intrigue to bewilderment. Listeners compared her spellbinding concoction of unexpected chord professions, changing time signatures and range of dynamics to the feeling of drifting in the ocean, or having an out of body ancestral experience.


With the determination to always grow as an artist and an individual, I. Destiny interned on photo and video sets styling musical clients. In that environment, she studied and absorbed every lighting, camera and set design technique that piqued her interest. She then transferred those skills into an entertainment industry vlog and review channel that helped her generate income between gigs.


In 2019 I. Destiny launched her boutique media company, Sailing In The Desert, which offers affordable wardrobe and bespoke jewelry styling, high quality visuals for marketing, creative direction, and remote branding consultations for upcoming artists and small businesses. I. Destiny continues to compose and create throughout 2021 and beyond, be sure to connect with her on her social media and music streaming platforms for news, music, events, bookings, and contact info. 


I. Destiny is currently in the development stages of her first EP, set to debut May 2021.


i. destiny theidestiny
i. destiny theidestiny